Sophia Nicklas


Sophia (she/her) grew up in Los Angeles where she spent her youth camping and hiking with her family, which began her passion for the outdoors. After working in a greenhouse for the Los Angeles Audubon Society for the last five years and learning about native and invasive species, habitat restoration,  and environmental education, she knew she wanted to pursue the natural sciences. She has just completed her second year at UC Santa Cruz, and is pursuing a major in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Conservation Science and Policy, and a minor in Spanish Studies.

Sophia has also spent time engaging with local Los Angeles elementary school students, providing education on the topics of ecology and biology. This opportunity led Sophia to realize how much she enjoys environmental education.

Sophia is also bilingual. She enjoys teaching in both English and Spanish, and is learning native plant names in both languages. Sophia loves that she is able to combine her passion for nature, language, and education, and is excited to apply these at Biocitizen!

When Sophia is not in the field, she loves crocheting, thrift shopping, hiking, and spending time with her dogs. During the school year, you’ll also find her studying and working hard for her degree!

Sophia is very excited to share her love of the environment and the natural world with the young, inquiring minds at Biocitizen. She hopes to be an inspiration for others to find their own sense of curiosity, empowerment, and overall love for nature.