Jordan Arney


Jordan (He/Him) grew up in the lush mountains of rural Vermont, raising sheep and exploring the wilderness behind his home. He spent his childhood climbing mountains and trees, swimming in local rivers and lakes, and skiing the nearby slopes in the balmy wintertime. He has been lucky enough to be immersed in nature from a young age and wishes to protect the world’s beauty so that others may share his experience.

He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13 and found himself in a completely different landscape where a connection to nature was harder to find. However, through the addition of new passions such as surfing and scuba diving, he has retained a deep connection with the natural world and become obsessed with the vast array of ocean life that lives off the CA coast.

He decided to pursue his passion for environmental protection by studying Environmental Science at the nearby University of Southern California. Here, he has found a great community of like-minded tree huggers and hopes to work with them to create serious positive change for this planet when he graduates next year.

Jordan has spent his last several summers teaching at a local beach summer camp and absolutely loves working with kids and expressing his inner child. Now, Jordan is incredibly proud to give kids a fun summer while simultaneously teaching them about the complexities and beauty of the natural world. Seeing LA kids appreciate and connect with nature makes him so thrilled to be a part of the Biocitizen team!