Frieda Lim

Board member, NYC


Hi! I’m Frieda Lim, a Brooklyn nutrient-dense sub-irrigated micro-farmer, event planner, consultant, community organizer, marketer, designer, stylist, mother. With Slippery Slope, my experimental micro-farm, I’ve been developing sustainable protocols for growing healthy food on my Gowanus rooftop, tending to my contained “land organism” and observing bio-feedback. Through the years, I have navigated a career exploring joy and interests. Once told by the love of my life, “There are people with a passion and then there are passionate pursuers.”, I embrace this edict. Misc (Miscellaneous) Me has melded a myriad of fields from fashion, special events, rooftop farms, school gardens, to pay-it-forward effortsPersonally witnessing the launch of Biocitizen, watching my daughter Blaze come into her own as a Sharpshin, helping Biocitizen connect its environmental dots will be pure joy.

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