Emilio Garcia de la Huerta Sutil

Owner, Operator of Superfun Chile


Emilio facilitated the first Now Voyager trip to Chile, and from his base in Pichilemu on the Costa Central is ready to teach us to surf at Punta de Lobos. Of our experience, he writes:

This is our most delightful work to do for us, please follow us in this little story telling about our work as co-teachers with Mr. Kurt Heidinger, at this time it is a pleasure to announce we have students from University of Masachusets getting credits as Biocitizen´s  Now Voyager Field Environmental Philosophy outdoor course.

This consists of a true expedition into Chilean central south coastal ecosystem, passing by the pristine creeks of the Coastal Range, any by the central valley facing straight into the Andes! The program theme is about: ¨following the path of water¨, we study using all of our senses into a deep-biotic immersion in each stage of our water steps, we get to experience the cold antarctic current flowing into northern subtropical seas just like a river, we play in the current because as Ricardo Rozzi says: ¨we learn by playing¨. A step into a native canyon without even tents get us to sleep outside like true explorers used to vivac centuries ago, and then we keep going into the andes following step by step into the snow.

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