Cheyenne Bizon


Cheyenne’s upbringing immersed her in nature’s splendor with a garden to eat from, animals to take care of, and a forest to explore. Her roots in natural education have bloomed into a passion for sharing the wonder of our planet with others through her time as an Environmental Educator at LA’s nonprofit TreePeople and now with Biocitizen LA!

Two driving concepts behind Cheyenne’s nature-focused zeal is interconnectivity and belonging. These two facets of existence are fundamentally intertwined, as the connections between each piece of an ecological system (no matter how big or small) are as important to one another as they are meant for one another. Rediscovering and nurturing the ways that humans belong on this earth and how our fates are fused with all life on it is a lifelong passion that starts from the seed!

In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys rock climbing, hiking, knitting, and reading. She’s both a naturalist and historian by vocation and blends these studies together wherever possible!