Antonia Fuller


Antonia Fuller (she/her) is a passionate environmentalist and writer who possess a breadth of experience in scientific research. A recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz, she studied the natural and environmental sciences in her undergrad and plans to pursue a degree in environmental law. In any endeavor, Antonia brings her limitless ambition and interpersonal skills to the table. 

While Antonia has spent much of her professional life in lab and research settings, her research trip to Australia revealed that her true passion lies in teaching science, and communicating it to others. Her drive in life is to make science and ecology accessible for people from all walks of life and facilitate an emotional and physical connection between humans and their natural environments. Through her teaching, poetry, and insatiable desire to talk about environmental issues and phenomena, she hopes to change this world for the better. 

When she’s not writing or teaching, Antonia loves to move- whether it’s rock climbing, surfing, training, yoga, or dance, she believes in connecting to the mind through movement.