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Our Place Summer School Teacher In Training Program 2017

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Summer School Teacher In Training Program


A teacher in training will assist the adult staff for one week of school (5, 6-hour days) in either the Wings or Sharpshins programs. This year the staff will consist of an assistant director, a teacher, and the teacher trainee, who will assume the position of third in command.

Much of the trainee’s work will involve serving the minor needs of students while the adult staff is preoccupied with group activities; for example, the tying of shoes, bathroom visits and other “personal issues,” ensuring application of sunscreen and bugspray, finding of lost objects, stopping of bad behavior, getting them to drink lots of water, etc. Trainees will be called upon to do fun things, too, like tell the stories of natural and cultural history of the places we are exploring, lead walks, and teach identification of flora, fauna, geology, weather and the best places to get ice cream. They will be asked to sing at least one song, or perform some other happy sort of attention grabbing public spectacle, everyday while students are in transit in the camp-vans, also known as “Beauty” and “the Beast”—or something akin to that.

This is a great opportunity for youths who want to gain some hands-on administrative, teaching and leadership experience.


Trainees are 7th to 10th graders who have attended at least two Our Place sessions during two different years.

Trainees like field environmental philosophy studies so much they want to go to the next level, and help to execute Our Place’s action-based biocultural history curricula.

Trainees will receive training: 1 4-hour pre-camp session, the rest of the training occurring on the job. Training will include: camp and campers management, biocultural history, and the practice and art of teaching in the field.

Trainees must be a) Red Cross 1st Aid certified, and b) those who are Red Cross certified as lifeguards receive a fellowship grant of $100. applicable to the Claws program.

Cost and logistics:

The Teacher In Training program costs $200.00 . All regular Our Place Summer School student forms and policies apply. Trainees arrive at camp at 8:45 am to welcome campers and leave camp at 3:15 pm, to see them off.


Prospective CITs must submit a formal statement of interest (300 word minimum, Word or similar format), sharing the reasons they would like to be a CIT.


Cost: Each 5 day, 30 hour Teacher In Training session costs $200.00.

If you would like to reserve a spot for your child, please use the paypal link and indicate the week and session you want. You will receive a reservation confirmation and the registration materials; registration is complete when Biocitizen receives by postal mail (not emailed pdf) your completed registration forms.

You can send a check (to Biocitizen, 1 Stage Rd. W’hamp, MA 01027) to pay for tuition, and reserve a spot; send a note via the comment form below to claim your reservation.

If you would like to learn more, please call 413.320.0522 and speak with Our Place director Kurt Heidinger, or send a note through the comment form below.

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