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New Year’s Day ICE WALK

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New Year’s Day Ice Walk— 12:30 to 3 pm


The arctic cold delivers a bonus point that is seldom redeemed—we get to walk on rivers and brooks! A very rare treat—

Few walking experiences are as fun and defamiliarizing as walking river ice, first because the ice shapes are weird and magical, second because the flow of water sings in a way it never does elsewise, and third because as you stride the frozen concourse you get a sense of the whole living being that is a watershed.

Introduce yourself to wilds of the Westfield watershed and to how to safely walk on river ice. We’ll read ice closely so our every step is intentional and we are mindful of our exact relationship with the specific, wonderful, place we are enjoying. You’ll leave the experience refreshed and empowered.

This a small group experience with a suggested tax-deductible donation of $25. Participants will need weather appropriate garb, snowshoes and ski poles or a sturdy walking stick.

Biocitizen director Kurt Heidinger will guide folks who send a note to, or through social media messaging, or call 413.320.0522. You’ll get a reply with all the fine details.

HAPPY NEW YEAR—may you start it by walking offtrail and thinking outside!

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