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Biocitizen welcomes Mason Lollis-Taylor, Assistant Teacher!!

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Biocitizen is so pleased to welcome Mason Lollis-Taylor as an Assistant Teacher in the Our Place Summer School!

Mason with students at Dr. Boyd Kynard’s Living Rivers School.

(More:  Living Rivers School)

Mason trained with us last year, and has learned so much about teaching Field Environmental Philosophy in Western Massachusetts. After the Summer School concluded, he went to Nepal to immerse himself in Himalayan culture and study environmental issues there; then he headed south, and journeyed through Thailand, opening his eyes to the amazing diversity of life on earth.

Mason is great with kids, and—more broadly—knows how to serve others. It is a pleasure for staff and students to walk with such a strong, growing, and inspiring young man!

Personal Statement

Hi! I’m Mason Lollis-Taylor.

From the second I could walk, talk and swim, I have loved the outdoors.  I grew up in the very woods of W MA that Our Place Summer School uses as a classroom to educate every student about both the educational and recreational benefits of simply being wild.

I think back on my life’s journey and the amount of joy, knowledge, and love for the outdoors that sprouted from a childhood spent under the sun, stars, and snow.  This reflection pulls heavy at my heart, for I hope to share what I know with the kids who will listen, and provide an unforgettable experience to those who will take the chance.

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