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Job Announcement: Ass’t Camp Director

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Biocitizen School is hiring an energetic, outdoors-loving, ecology-studies (related) major to assist its director in running Our Place Summercamp from 6/16 to 8/08 2014. Our Place is a 5-day, 30 hour, roaming school of environmental philosophy; we take campers to nodes of cultural and natural intensity and investigate them vigorously, joyfully, mentally and physically.

evan teaching tubeless tubing

The Ass’t teacher will be trained to identify, and then teach curricula about, the creatures, geologies, hydrologies, and infrastructures characteristic of the five ecoregions of the Nonotuck Biome and the Westfield River watershed. This is a perfect opportunity for a student who wants to learn, deeply, the plants and the animals, the landscapes and watercourses, and the human history in the Valley and Hilltowns. The training will begin before camp starts, and will consist of a few hikes during the spring, plus readings and discussions.

The Ass’t will be directly involved in camp and camper management. They must be Red Cross lifeguard and pediatric first aid -certified; Biocitizen will provide a stipend to cover 1/2 of the certification costs. The Ass’t will operate as a contractor for $15. an hour, and be covered by Biocitizen insurance, when on the job.

Our Place is always outside and on the run. The Ass’t has to love learning, and teaching, biocultural history physically and well as mentally, and must love being with, and leading, kids from grade 1 to 8.

If you are interested, please send us a note via the comments tool, below.

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