How to get off the grid in 2011

One of the most effective ways we can act to improve our lives is to reduce our dependence on nuclear and fossil fuel energies.

The ultimate in reducing dependence is getting off the grid (creating one’s own energy @ home & work), but any step towards self-reliance is going to save you $$ and increase the quality of your life.

I asked Adin Maynard of Easthampton’s Cozy Home Performance, which specializes in “building performance assessments, diagnostics and energy efficiency remediation services,” to tell us what we can do this summer to become more energy independent.

There are 2 things Adin says we should do: up our energy conservation, and install new green-energy technologies.

Adin encourages us to take advantage of a subsidy-program called Mass Save to “achieve ‘deeper’ energy savings and tangible home performance improvements”:

The long awaited evolution of the Mass Save program is almost here. In July, Massachusetts rate payers will be able to access Mass Save subsidized energy assessments and rebates for eligible energy efficiency improvements using qualified home performance contractors. … All Massachusetts non-low income utility company customers who are not served by municipality owned power companies are eligible for Mass Save services once per year. Historically, several large companies provided all Mass Save sponsored energy audits and sub-contracted out the insulation work. Starting in July there will be an option to utilize qualified smaller companies for both home energy assessment and installation services.

Mass Save requires participants to 1) have an energy-assessment of their building(s) so a certified plan of action and budget can be drawn up and 2) the work can be done by certified contractors.

Given the facts that fossil fuel use is going to continue to increase global warming, and cost more money, I can think of no smarter move than to practice environmental satyagraha and become energy independent—right now.

My thanks to Adin for helping us understand the actions we can take to (re)build a better world, stimulate the green industrial revolution, and participate in the economics of happiness!

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