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Guide to all Claws 2020 Trips

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Claws camping trips take students 11-17 into wild places. We climb mountains, ford rivers and sea kayak.

Students test their edges and boundaries as they learn skills needed to overcome challenges. We move through fascinating terrain and waters, having fun while practicing mindfulness. We gain the ability to control our thoughts and movements—like seal, fish and birds, bear and bobcats do. We learn to read the great patterns of biomes, of weather, witnessing grand forces and elements expressing themselves.

Claws go into the wild because the wild is where they can grow—where they can grasp life, grip it tight and carry it aloft.

>This year we’re going to the White Mountains and to Casco Bay in Maine. There are trips to the Sierras, too—Click on pics for info:

> Claws: Presidential Range  

depart Tuesday June 30 – return Saturday July 4 













> Claws DEEP: Prez Range for advanced trekkers 

depart Monday July 6 – return Friday July 10 













> Claws Casco Bay

1) depart Saturday July 11 – return Thursday July 16 
2) depart Sunday August 9 – return Friday August 14





















> “ALL GIRLS” Claws: Osceola Mountains + Sandwich Range Wilderness

depart Mon. July 20 – return Thursday July 23






> Claws: Bond Mountains + Pemigewasset Wilderness 

depart Monday August 24 – return Wednesday August 26 


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