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Greet Sam Taylor, Biocitizen board member

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Nationally-recognized ceramic artist Sam Taylor has been with Biocitizen since 2009, when its seedling grew alongside a monthly permaculture meeting he and Kurt organized and kept going called Grown In Westhampton that has taken on further life in the hands of their neighbors. Sam’s son Emmett was the “testpilot” for Now Voyager 2017 in Pichilemu Chile, and another son, Mason, is a teacher for Our Place Summer School.

Here, he describes his support for Biocitizen:

Hi! I’m Sam. I have been on the board of Biocitizen for x number of years. But more to the point I’m a Biocitizen lifer. In my life and work I have always been a team player. I hold the belief that together we have the opportunity to be more.
I live in Western Massachusetts with my family where I make pottery and, from which, I travel around the world teaching and recruiting as many people as possible to my team.


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