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Greet Craig Ruberti, Biocitizen board member

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Craig Ruberti brings the insights of both an environmental engineer, and of a parent of students, to the Biocitizen board of directors. Having walked with us twice above tree line in the Presidential Range, he’s a core Claws member. Always alert to the needs of our wandering alpinists, always ready to assist in making good things happen, a person who’s made a career of cleaning up pollution and caring for the living systems that sustain us, we’re lucky to have him guiding us as we develop and share our Field Environmental Philosophy programs. We promise him another exciting year!

Here, he describes his background, and why he’s helping to build the school:

Craig Ruberti lives in Florence, MA with his partner Sarah and their two daughters, Eloise (13) and Stella (7). The former is a devotee of Biocitizen where her love and knowledge of nature has only grown each year with her participation in the weekly camps and hiking adventures. Craig has worked in the environmental, health and safety field for the last 19 years where he has helped develop, implement, and manage a wide range of environmental, health, and safety solutions for industrial, construction, higher education, government, and public utility organizations. He is presently the Director of Global Health and Safety for a company that is a leader in the development of engineered solutions for the removal of emerging contaminants from water and vapor. He and his family love western MA and regularly partake in its many natural and wonderful offerings.

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