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After weeks of freezing, our river ice is melting—and it’s time to witness the tumult and power of FLOOD!

1000’s of tons of car-sized bergs are beginning to dislodge and tumble down watercourses, hitting boulders like bowling pins, slamming into trees, shuddering the earth, and re-arranging entire valleys. Imagine a runaway freight train crashing down the mountain and through the woods—EPIC!

SO: instead of getting cabin fever and missing this miraculous transformation, come explore a stretch of the Westfield River with us. We’ll show you how to read the elements so you enjoy the thrills and strangeness of FLOOD safely.

When: Sunday, 12:30-3 pm

Wear: weather appropriate clothing, and bring snowshoes and/or high-legged waterproof boots, plus a sturdy walking stick

Where: contact us with the comment form (below) or at or 413.320.0522 for meeting place

Biocitizen appreciates, but does not demand, a $25 tax-deductible donation for the outing. Your donation goes to pay for things like postage stamps, tax accountants, insurance, and fixing the AC in the Beast, our 2002 Ford Econoline van.

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