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Fire & Ice Scholarship Dinner: Sat. Feb 28 1-6 pm

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Below you’ll find the Fire & Ice menu that Rob Watson of Amherst’s Lone Wolf has concocted to please us at this year’s Our Place Scholarship fundraiser.

Every year, Biocitizen school tries to include kids who need some assistance to join us as we spend our summer exploring our place, the Nonotuck biome; and this year we’re going to have our fundraiser in one of our favorite outdoor classrooms—Indian Hollow, Chesterfield!

The date is Saturday, Feb. 28th, from 1-6pm.

We’ll use the Glow Room as our base, and get 2 bonfires going, one near the Glow Room, one by the Dead Branch Brook, and from 1-4 invite you to come on a guided easy, intermediate or diehard level biocultural history tour of the place. From 4-6, we’ll eat, continuing the fun out by the fires, or inside the Glow Room.

nice ice Robbie copy

We are asking for $50 donations to fund scholarships, all of which is tax deductible b/c Biocitizen is a registered nonprofit educational institution.

You can buy your tickets on paypal or send a check to Biocitizen, 1 Stage Rd. W’hamp, MA 01027, or just bring a check or cash to the party!


Fire & Ice tickets

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