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Fire & Ice—a message of gratitude

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Sent this to folks who are helping kids who need assistance this summer—

Hi everybody,

Thank you so much for participating in the Our Place scholarship fundraiser! Most of us are sick of ice and snow, and that’s why we’ll have 2 fires going outside, and the Glow Room will be 80 degrees—Chilean style! I think you’ll love ice & snow, though, and am sure that whatever happens from 1-6 pm down in the Hollow will be the stuff of warm memories. It’s a different world down there!

The Chesterfield town crew will be bulldozing parking spots for us today! Woowoo! That means we can get ourselves there, without having to use the Beast as a shuttle. Please park a little bit down the road past the Glow Room, in the culdesac; & try to make as much space for others as possible.

Here is the map showing where the Glow Room is.

From 1-4 we’ll play in the snow, heading up the frozen Dead Branch. We have a pair of snowshoes available (sorry but the school is not yet capable of being an outfitter). If you don’t have snowshoes, you will be able to follow the path the snowshoers make—so don’t worry! Everybody must wear good boots and gators or snowpants, so the high snow doesn’t instantly get in through the cracks. If you have ski poles bring them, esp. if you don’t have snowshoes.

If you prefer to X-country ski, pls do—you can either come up the Dead Branch w/us, or head down to the Westfield River, where skiers have started a loop.

Rob & crew will be serving Lone Wolf delights from 1 pm on, climaxing w/the dinner from 4-6. So if you don’t want to play in the snow, it will be fun & yummy to hang out at the Glow Room or the nearby fires.

Finally, we have 6 tickets available still—and would love to share this cirque de feu et la glace to the fullest extent possible. If you could forward this note to friends who might be interested in helping some kids get off the screen and into the green this summer, I would deeply appreciate it.

See you on Saturday!! yippee—& thanks again!


Fire & Ice tickets

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