Donate to Biocitizen, Westhampton, MA

Donate to Biocitizen

Biocitizen is the only educational institution in the world devoted solely to teaching Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic through Field Environmental Philosophy. Its name comes from “biotic citizen”, a term Leopold used to describe people who understand their lives are part of what he called the “land organism”—and we call biomes. Seating human identity in the larger shared life, or bios, that is the subject of biology and ecology, Leopold introduced people to a reality that is miraculously alive, barely understood, ultimately consequential and quite imperiled. If our species is to survive, he argued, harmonizing our behavior to bios is necessary. Leopold asked us to imagine we are biocitizens in a democracy of all creatures. For over ten years, Biocitizen—a school that does not confer degrees but builds character—has created biocitizens.

Your tax deductible donation supports our mission and is deeply appreciated. Thank you for helping us create biocitizens.