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Biocitizen welcomes Rika Tsuji, Our Place teacher!

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Rika Tsuji is a Japanese Fulbright-sponsored doctorate student in philosophy at University of North Texas who interned with us last summer. As the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported:

**This summer Biocitizen hosted 25 year-old Rika Tsuji of Japan, Fulbright Scholar and doctoral candidate in the department of environmental philosophy at the University of North Texas.

For one week, Tsuji assisted teachers during the camp expeditions as part of her research on how environmental philosophy curricula can be created and implemented for elementary and middle school students.

“Science is one thing and it is very important, but it only describes the situation. Environmental philosophy helps us figure out what to do with that information,” Tsuji said. “It is about how we translate the messages from nature.”**

She’s returning to teach field environmental philosophy, and to conduct pedagogical research that will help us improve our curricula.

Here’s Rika in the Ethnobotanical Parque Omora, Chile, where she studied this winter:

At UNT, Rika’s major research interests include philosophy with children, environmental philosophy, feminism, and environmental education. She currently runs a philosophy-with-children class where children are encouraged to engage in philosophical discussions with their peers, and the discussion topics are varied but include environmental ethical issues.

Welcome back to the Nonotuck Biome, Rika!!

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