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Biocitizen Welcomes Brigid Ryan, Westfield River Fishways public education assistant!

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Biocitizen is pleased to welcome Brigid Ryan onto the staff as our Westfield River Fishways public education assistant!

Brigid is a recent graduate of UMass School of Natural Sciences (congratulations!) and a Now Voyager who surfed the waves at Punta de Lobos, explored the green canyons of the midlands and then climbed the Andes in Chile with us last year. Here is My Chilean Style, her account of her field environmental philosophy experience there.

Bri grew up in Chesterfield in close contact with the West Branch Brook of the East Branch of the Westfield River (!), and is deeply committed to bring wild migratory fish back to their ancestral habitats in the upper-watershed biome she loves.

Welcome Brigid! Let’s get to work!

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