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Biocitizen Now Voyagers team with the Fundacion Punta de Lobos and the City of Pichilemu!

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On December 29 and 30th Now Voyagers will team with the Fundacion Punta de Lobos and the Municipalidid Pichilemu for a day of public field environmental philosophy education and fundraising—out on the Punta!


Punta de Lobos means “Sea Lion Point,” and it’s really beautiful. Click on the pic for more images—


Punta de Lobos is also one of the great surfing spots in South America, a place where the rolling energies of the Pacific meet a lava bed and form giant waves, all the time.  This short movie tells the inspiring story of local hero Ramon Navarro, who devoted his life to the waves and became a world renowned giant wave surfer.

Senor Navarro is a Fundacion leader, and we look forward to helping him and his friends achieve their goal of working with private landowners, fishermen and kelp collectors to have the Punta classified as a “land trust,” in accordance with laws enacted only a few months ago.

Now Voyagers will be tasked with organizing and assisting local artists as they show and sell their handmade works of beauty. We’ll also be bringing down ceramic pendants that we made together here in ‘Hamp, to sell to the tourists. All profits will be given to the Fundacion.

Biocitizen will lead a public field environmental philosophy walk to share the Punta’s biocultural history.  We are hoping the experience will help everybody understand the many reasons to preserve Punta de Lobos, so they are inspired to contribute to the Fundacion’s efforts.

There is a lot of good work to do in the Punta de Lobos Conservation Initiative;

And as guests of Pichilemu, Now Voyagers follow the lead of Chilean citizens who know and love their land and ocean. As field environmental philosophers voyaging far from home, we use this experience to make friends and learn biocultural history—Pichilemu’s specifically and our species’ in general. By being active learners in outdoor classroom such as this one, we “think outside” and begin to fathom how “we are more than we have ever been taught.”

—For information about the Now Voyager program, please click here. There are still 2 spots open!

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