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Biocitizen is hiring—Our Place Summerschool Teacher

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Teacher, Biocitizen School of Field Environmental Philosophy

Job Description:

Biocitizen will be running Our Place Summerschool from June 18 to August 31, 2018, M-F, 9am-3pm. We are looking for a dynamic and highly capable student/teacher who wants to work with kids and teens out in the field, and who yearns to put the theories they have learned, or are learning, in college to practical use.

We are seeking a candidate who has a passion for teaching, and an awareness of Aldo Leopold’s idea of “Land Ethic”. You will be teaching Leopoldian Field Environmental Philosophy (FEP), using a specific curricula, therefore we need a candidate who can be thoroughly trained to teach the biocultural history of the mid Connecticut River watershed (also known as the “Pioneer Valley”), in “outdoor classrooms.” Teachers are responsible for leading the students toward the understanding that their lives can be enhanced through FEP activities, and that they are capable of contributing to the health of their biome.

We teach through an inquiry-based pedagogy that inspires kids to think critically about their “place”; i.e., the natural and cultural totality that is the mid Connecticut River watershed. (We ask: How do we fit in; how do we inhabit this place? What is this place?) What we teach is a way of reading the signs that nature gives us through the geology, climate, and creatures; these realities define the natural history of “our place.” To this, we add our observations of how humans inhabit this place, and derive a knowledge of our cultural history. Our students combine both natural and cultural history and receive education in biocultural history: an active, participatory way of seeing and making sense of their world.

If you have pursued, or are pursuing studies, in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability, Education, or Liberal Arts or some interdisciplinary mix of the above, this would be a great job. Biocitizen is an innovative, inspiring school, and we need your energy, intelligence and vision to help us fulfill our non-profit mission.

Since Biocitizen specializes in FEP which is taught outdoors while on the move, teachers must be physically capable of executing the curricula and adhering to a specific itinerary. Teachers must be certified in emergency medical response. Moreover, the teacher must be able to think on their feet, and remain composed and in control, in response to unpredictable situations that arise in the field.

Teachers must be excited to teach, and willing to share this excitement with the student in creative and consistent ways.  Biocitizen prefers to hire teachers who have formally studied the subjects they are teaching, but also considers work or life experience in that subject to be valuable.


  • Teach environmental philosophy in both indoor and outdoor classrooms, in accordance with the pedagogical goals and ethos presented in the Directive for Biocitizen Teachers (below)
  • Exhibit the highest standards of teaching and student relations, in accordance with the Biocitizen School Policies
  • Teachers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and either have, or be working towards, a masterful knowledge of the subject/class they are teaching.
  • Participate in ongoing research and development relevant to the expansion of Biocitizen
  • Assist with coordination of all programs and any necessary parent involvement
  • Certification in emergency medical response
  • Enforce school standards and policies
  • Follow all relevant state and federal regulations
  • Negotiate and sign a contract, and work under the supervision of the Director

            Compensation will be negotiated with the Director and will be commensurate with background and experience.

Please follow the links for website and press:

To apply please send a page long statement of interest and your resume to

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