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Biocitizen Banter #10: A Discussion with Connecticut River Defenders

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Welcome to Biocitizen Banter, a podcast dedicated to environmental philosophy featuring lively discussions between people active in the effort to bring biotic health to our communities and commonwealth.

What can we do to improve the vivacity of the Connecticut River?

In this episode, Kurt Heidinger listens as Connecticut River Defenders Theresa Turner, Gary Selden, Dodo Melnikov and Priscilla Lynch explain how decommissioning the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Station will bring health to our living river.

The Defenders are, in their own words, “a nascent and informal group (“formalized” in 2022) of seasoned social justice activists from Franklin, Hampshire, and Hamden Counties. We came together as individuals over the past two years to bring attention to the urgent problems First Light’s Northfield Pumped Storage Station has been foisting on the Connecticut River and its ecosystem for over 50 years, and to demand that our public servants charged with wildlife, water, recreation, and environmental protection remove themselves from their entanglements with First Light and their support of the 50-year relicensing of the facility.”

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