Biocitizen is a school that specializes in Field Environmental Philosophy. Our goal is to help students perceive and understand where they live. When they know where they live, and how their friends and family are what makes that place theirs, they are moved to love and care for it.

Where we live is who we are; and by learning our place, we learn who we are. > We are more than we have ever been taught.

We walk in cities, in suburbs, in parks and in wilderness, opening our senses and getting good exercise. As we explore the place we are in, absorbing its natural and cultural history, we learn to read it.

Environmentalism literacy, knowing the language of how our world is constructed, is key—for what is written can be rewritten. Philosophy is key, too—for what is rewritten, the world we live in, is written by all of us who share, and are part of, the biotic commonwealth of life on Earth.

Places are stories we live in. Field Environmental Philosophy invites us to read, and be an active co-creator of, our story: our place.

Westhampton, MA


Biocitizen Westhampton, MA

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Viña del Mar, Chile


Biocitizen Concon, Chile

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I think it’s great that we get to go out in to nature to see great views, go on hikes and challenge ourselves.”

We summited a mountain, and we took some long hikes, and it may seem scary at first, but before you know it you’ll be out h ere in places you never even thought reachable.”

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About Biocitizen

Biocitizen was incorporated in 2009 to provide educational services within the field of environmental philosophy.

Biocitizen has sister schools in Westhampton, Massachusetts and Concon, Chile. Our goal is to share our Field Environmental Philosophy programs with as many people as possible.

Biocitizen teaches students about the place they live in, for when they know what their place is, they take care of it.