Our Place Summercamp 2013

There will be three different Our Place summercamps this year:

Our Places Wings:

grades 1-3: 6/24-6/28 full, 7/8-7/12 full, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2

grades 4-6: 7/1-7/5 (4-day prorated), 7/15-7/19

Our Place Sharpshins:

grades 4-6: 6/17-6/23 new session!, 6/24-6/28 full, 7/1-7/5 (4-day prorated), 7/8-7/12 full, 7/15-7/19 full, 7/22-26, 7/29-8/2

Our Place Expeditionary:

grades 9-12: 8/5-8/9, 8/12-16

adults: 8/19-23, 8/26-30

—Each session runs M-F, 9am-3pm, and costs $300.00. Drop off and pick-up are at Sheldon Field in Northampton. If you would like to reserve a spot for your child, or want to learn more, please call 413-527-9092, or send a note on the comment form below.

(Click here for basic Our Place program description.)

Our Place for Wings: for campers who are new to, or not so comfortable while, walking. Our hikes are easy to moderate in difficulty. Basic ecological concepts are taught in the field, using wherever we are as our classroom/treasure chest. The intention is to fully awaken the senses while igniting the imagination. Every camper will graduate with new tools to “read” the environment, and be inspired to investigate the world around them.

—four sessions for grades 1-3: 6/24-6/28, 7/8-7/12, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2

—two sessions for grades 4-6: 7/1-7/5*, 7/15-7/19

*7/4 is a holiday; this is a 4 day prorated session

Our Place for Sharp Shins: for campers who have already walked w/biocitizen, and want a more rigorous and challenging program. Our hikes are moderate to strenuous in difficulty. It is assumed that campers already understand basic ecological concepts, so that more complex “readings” of the environment can be enjoyed. Every camper will graduate with finer tools to “read” the environment, and be inspired to investigate the world around them.

—six sessions for grades 4-6: 6/24-6/28, 7/1-7/5*, 7/8-7/12, 7/15-7/19, 7/22-7/26, 7/29-8/2

*7/4 is a holiday; this is a 4 day prorated session

Our Place Expeditionary: for creators who love nature, and want to absorb the best writing about, and imagery of, Nonotuck while they immerse themselves in the biome. We’ll view, read & discuss all kinds of primary source materials (history, philosophy), and works by Edwards, Bryant, Dwight, Dickinson, Frost, & Plath. A 5 day treasure-hunt, collecting and examining and getting a grip on our place’s natural and cultural “essence”—and to show what we’ve grasped, we’ll write, and draw and take pictures.

—two sessions for grades 9-12: 8/5-8/9, 8/12-16

—two sessions for adults: 8/19-23, 8/26-30

Victor de Grailly (1845) View from Mount Holyoke


We are offering an assistant-in-training youth program called the Biocitizen Corps. And are looking for adult volunteers, who will receive training in how to teach environmental philosophy in the field.

Our Place Biocitizen Corps: for campers 6th grade and above who would to like to train to be an assistant counselor. The Corps moves the camper out of the “customer served” category, and makes them co-creators of the Our Place educational program. Service includes assisting the counselor in directing activities, performing logistical tasks, and sharing educational content. When camp ends, the Corps continues each month to perform a good environmental deed (conservation restoration, ecological monitoring, educational projects and presentations, civic engagement). The intention is to cultivate future environmental leaders.

Adult Volunteer/Trainee: Biocitizen is looking for a volunteer, or volunteers, who want to participate in the 6 weeks of Our Place summercamp. You will assist the teachers, Erin Mahon-Moore and Kurt Heidinger, and be trained in the field to be a teacher of future Biocitizen offerings. High energy-level, enthusiastic interest, and the ability to transport campers (license, car) are key. If you are interested, please call 413.527.9092 or use the comment form below.

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