NYTs Nicholas Kristof wins this week’s Becoming a Biocitizen Award

The premise of his op-ed: the environment is our body.

Take breast cancer. One puzzle has been that most women living in Asia have low rates of breast cancer, but ethnic Asian women born and raised in the United States don’t enjoy that benefit. At the symposium, Dr. Alisan Goldfarb, a surgeon specializing in breast cancer, pointed to a chart showing breast cancer rates by ethnicity.

“If an Asian woman moves to New York, her daughters will be in this column,” she said, pointing to “whites.” “It is something to do with the environment.”

Let’s hope more columnists start reporting on how scientists and doctors are learning this, and what this means in terms of how we must evolve beyond the “norms” of the past.


My mother survived breast cancer, and several close friends. A male friend and neighbor of mine is battling it. I’m sure you know people who have faced, or are fighting, it. We’re all targets—

If breast cancer could be eradicated by stopping the poisoning of ourselves by industry, would you do it?

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