Biocitizen Corps RBA 2017

Calling the Biocitizen Corps! Time to get out the nets, enter the river and brooks, collect and count the bugs that live in the substrate, and from that count get a clear read on how alive our flowing waters are.

Here is a more detailed explanation of what an RBA is, and why Biocitizen does them every year when the leaves are beginning to Fall.

We’re organizing groups of 3 to 6 volunteers, for 2-hour weekday afternoon sessions that will RBA sites close to Northampton, and 4-hour Saturday or Sunday sessions that will RBA sites farther afield.

Parents are invited to volunteer with their kids. There’s no charge for the transport and training (though tax-deductible donations are always welcome); Biocitizen does RBAs as a gesture of love for our biome.

There are few better ways for us to witness and document the vitality of our place than by doing these quick and fun bug inventories, and volunteers are welcome to use the data for science projects.

We’ve set up Doodle polls that can be accessed over in the registration column. Just click the link, choose a date and enter your name(s). You’ll get a confirmation and orientation note from us.

Thank you!


Kurt Heidinger