Our Place goes to Central Park

Wednesday, December 27: 7:30 am – 7 pm

Field environmental philosophy in Central Park!
The Halls of Biodiversity and Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History!
Classical Greece and American Landscape Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

We’ll be in the heart of the best part of NYC, doing a few hours at the AMNH (emphasis on evolution by natural selection), few hours at the Met (exploring the Classical era so when students return to Hamp they’ll understand American neo-classicism esp. architecture; we’ll do the great American landscape painters b/c aesthetics are key to environmental -philosophy and -politics), and in between those forays we’ll enjoy an intro to FL Olmsted, who designed Central Park plus a side of local hero William Cullen Bryant who came up with and pushed the idea to fruition. All this content will done in FEP style, which means experientially w/open group brainstorming and tons of fun.

When: Wednesday, December 27
Times: drop-of at Sheldon Field at 7:30 am, pick up at Sheldon Field at 7 pm.
Pack: lunch, museum fees

Tuition and Registration

Tuition for Our Place School at Central Park is $60.00 and covers transportation, guidance and instruction