Now Voyager Pichilemu

Following water from the Pacific to Andes in Chile

Now Voyager is a bi-national, 11-day field environmental philosophy (FEP) adventure-learning course that introduces college students to the natural and cultural history of Chile and, through these studies, the dynamic forces that comprise us.

NOTE: Now Voyager Pichilemu 2018 will take place from January 3rd to 17th, and will have the same general form and content as this year’s session, which is described below. One big difference is that next year we’ll begin in Valparaiso, spend the next night camping on a wild Pacific cliff in Laguna Verde, and then head to Pichilemu.

From December 27, 2016 to January 7, 2017, Now Voyager takes college students (& 18+ year olds) on an ecstatic journey through South-Central Chile, following the path of water from the Pacific Ocean in Pichilemu across the Central Range, the agricultural Central Valley, and onto the high Andean peaks of the volcanic Tinguiririca Range.

As Voyagers learn to surf, they comprehend the unity of ocean and self, and absorb the biophysics of waves born hundreds of miles away. Climbing the Tinguiririca Range, they enter a realm where each step takes place in the sky. Elemental connections are made. Field Environmental Philosophy activities draw philosophical concepts out of deep biotic immersions.

Now Voyager is a college level environmental philosophy course that “lives its subject,” supercharging purely conceptual understandings with surfing and mountaineering experiences supervised by Biocitizen director Kurt Heidinger, expert-guide Emilio Garcia de la Heurta Sutil at Superfun Chile and by Biocitizen’s NOLS-certified UMass intern Emmett Lollis-Taylor.


Kurt Heidinger

Program Director

Emmett Lollis-Taylor

Assistant Teacher

Valentina Carvallo Pirola

Assistant Teacher

Registration Closed


Everyday from 8:00 to 8:00


Pichilemu and Tinguiririca Range, region Bernardo O’Higgins


27 Dec 2016 – 07 January 2107