—a field environmental philosophy class that teaches students how to freewalk off trail intelligently, without anxiety.

Freewalking means ranging freely over a wide terrain instead of being confined to a skinny trail. It imparts feelings of freedom and confidence and, deeper than that, awakens dormant instinctual powers and memories—all sparkling with vivacity. It’s exhilarating.

We’ll walk from from Fall into Winter

When we freewalk we can sense what our biome is, and how we are designed to be a part of its living systems. We freewalk to restore awareness of ourselves as biocitizens: citizens of a nation AND of our biome.

Freewalking lets us experience our biome through direct contact, which means intensely; and from the intense experience comes positive memories that last, providing fundament for a biocentric consciousness and identity.

Freewalking connects us to a wise and vital part of ourselves. We return to daily life carrying the confidence and peace we reaped in the field, and a new intelligence of how where we are is who we are.


Course of Instruction:

Students will learn the fundamental techniques of walking off trail, so that they may freewalk on their own, anywhere.
The central activity of freewalking involves identifying and choosing the best routes. (We don’t bushwhack.) Students are taught to read the environment for routes. They are cued to the environment’s climate, geology, hydrology, flora and infrastructure and playfully asked to help choose the most interesting and delightful routes in, around, up, over and through them.


Students must be able and eager to freewalk about 3 miles in about 3 hours through moderately challenging terrain. Excellent footwear, appropriate clothing, pack with water and snacks, and a walking stick are required.
We’ll freewalk underused public spaces within a 1/2 hour drive of Northampton.
This is an all weather class. We want to have direct contact with biophysical environmental forces, intelligently and safely. Sites are chosen on the basis of optimal conditions the evening before we walk; students receive an email notice of the next day’s itinerary.


These Sundays 12:30-4:30 pm:

Oct. 7th
Oct. 14th
Oct. 21th
Oct. 28
Nov. 4th
Nov. 11th
Nov. 25th

Tuition and Registration:
Students enroll for single classes, as many as they like. The tuition for the first session costs $50.; thereafter it’s $40.

Please go to the registration section and make your selection and tuition payment there.



Tuition for Freewalking is $50. for the first class and $40 for each additional class.

You will receive a confirmation and the registration materials by email; registration is complete when Biocitizen receives the full tuition payment and signed registration forms.

If you would like to learn more, please send a note or call 413.320.0522 to speak with program director Kurt Heidinger.

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Kurt Heidinger