—a field environmental philosophy adventure that takes students above treeline for 4 days of elemental wilderness hiking and “thinking outside.”

The goal of Claws programs is positive character transformation and it is achieved by pushing boundaries. Students assume and surmount challenges, gaining confidence and valuable self-awareness. New ideas and abilities are experienced, and new spaces—physical, conceptual and existential—are opened for the kind of personal growth that contributes to long term happiness.

Mountains teach us we’re more than we’ll ever be taught.

Claws learn the biocultural history of the Presidential Range as they hike with a friendly, supportive and humorous group. They learn enough mountaineering skills so they can return to traverse the Presidentials again without guides.


This year’s program consists of 2 15-person groups, Tortoise and Hare. Each group has 2 teachers & 1 ass’t teacher (all first response certified) and 12 students.

Participants must be physically fit, as this is a marathon trek (22 mile) through a challenging terrain exposed to the weather.

Adults are welcome to participate in the program.

6/30 – 7/4 SCHEDULE:

Day 1: Claws will depart Northampton on Sun. June 30th at 1 pm, drive to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, spend the afternoon setting camp at the Barnes Field Campground and tubeless-tubing a bit of the Peabody River. Then we’ll get a big fire going, enjoy a bbq (carne and vegetarian) and try to go to bed early.

Day 2: At dawn we’ll wake up (Mon. 7/1), ascend the incredible King Ravine Trail (stopping to explore ice caves) to the Mount Adams and Madison saddle. Then we’ll rest, feast and lodge at the festive AMC Madison Hut.

Day 3: After a big breakfast (Tues. 7/2) Claws will walk the exposed alpine ridges from the top of Mount Adams to the top of Mount Washington, and spend the night at AMC’s Lake in the Clouds.

Day 4: After another big breakfast (Weds. 7/3), we’ll stay above the trees for most of the day, hiking over Mt Eisenhower on our way to the AMC Mizpah Spring Hut, where we’ll dine and sleep.

Day 5: On Thurs. July 4th, we’ll descend the heights, jump into the vans at Crawford Notch and return to Northampton in time for family cookouts and !fireworks!



Claws is a a 5 day, 4 overnight session with a tuition of $800.

Tuition for Claws includes everything except students’ personal gear and trail food.

If you would like to reserve a spot, please use the registration link to make a deposit of $200. You will receive a confirmation and the registration materials by email; registration is complete when Biocitizen receives the full tuition payment and signed registration forms.

If you would like to learn more, please send a note or call 413.320.0522 to speak with program director Kurt Heidinger.

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Kurt Heidinger



Starts at 10am


July 1-4, 2018