Policies & Procedures for Our Place Summer School

Parents: Please read this document thoroughly as it contains information crucial to the smooth functioning of our summer camp. Enrollment of your child amounts to your confirmation that you have read, understood, accept and abide by these policies.

Registration Policies:

  • All registration forms must be filled out completely. Your child cannot be enrolled until we have all required forms in-hand. No exceptions.
  • The Medical History form and up-to-date immunization records must be submitted with the completed registration forms; otherwise we cannot complete the registration process and your child will not be allowed to participate in our camp. No exceptions.
  • All students must meet the State-mandated immunization requirements in order to participate in our camp. Refunds will not be issued for days missed due to failure to comply with these regulations.


  • All campers’ guardians must sign in each day at the reception area prior to the start of the camp day.
  • All campers’ guardians must sign out before leaving the building at the end of the camp day.

Camper Drop-off

  • Parents will drop campers off at the Sheldon Field parking lot (exit side lot) at 9 AM.
  • All campers will be under the supervision of a parent/guardian until they are released to camp personnel.

Camper Pick-up

  • Pick-up is at 3 p.m. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early in order to sign out and gather your child’s belongings.
  • All campers will be under the supervision of an instructor until they are released to their designated pick-up person.
  • All people other than the parents of the camper will be required to provide identification on their first pick-up day.
  • Campers will only be released to their parents or people listed on the Camper Release form.
  • If the pick-up person is not listed on your Camper Release form and we are unable to reach you by phone to verify permission for that person to pick up your child, we will not release your child to that person and you will be charged a late pick-up fee.

Late Pick-up

If parents are more than 15 minutes late in picking up their child, and have not pre-arranged a late pick-up, they will be charged a $20 late pick-up fee.

Registration and Session Cancellations

Cancellations made with less than 30 days notice will receive no refund.

Attendance Policy

Our Place Summercamp does not offer make-ups, rescheduling, refunds, or credits due to absences.


ALL campers requiring medication of any kind need to supply: medication, detailed description of medication, directions on how and when to administer medication, and contact information for prescribing physician. A refrigerator is available for medication that must be kept cold. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that medication returns home with the child.


  • In the case of a mildly ill camper, Our Place Summercamp staff will have the camper rest. If the child’s condition continues to worsen the parent will be contacted and the child will need to go home.
  • Out of respect for fellow campers and their families, campers who were out sick must be fever-free and/or on antibiotics for 24 hours prior to coming back to camp. Also, please refrain from sending campers with an undiagnosed rash or eye infection.
  • Please keep campers with a suspected or diagnosed nit or lice infestation home until they are nit- or lice- free.


Please send your child with sunscreen already applied, as well as additional sunscreen for reapplication if your child is with us for a full day. Please label your child’s sunscreen bottle with their name.

Lunch Policy

  • Campers bring their own lunch, as they would for a regular schoolday.
  • Lunches must be packed in thermal lunchboxes (if they need to be kept cold) and be ready to-eat. Upon request, we will provide cooler space for lunches.
  • We will have a cooler filled with clean, cold water to refresh campers’ water bottles.
  • We request that you please refrain from sending any peanut products in your child’s lunch in order to limit possible exposure for children with peanut allergies.
  • We encourage people to send healthy, all-natural lunches that are low in processed sugars.

Campers with Allergies

We are sensitive to the fact that many children have certain allergies. While we will do our best to help your child avoid allergens, we cannot guarantee that your child will be free from exposure. Please discuss your child’s specific allergy profile with us prior to deciding whether or not to enroll in our summer camp.


Our Place Summercampers learn environmental philosophy by hiking sites that are brimming with natural and/or cultural history. The purpose of our walks is open the senses, and inspire the creative-imaginative and critical-thinking faculties of our campers; it is not to have an extreme athletic experience. An average day will involve three or less miles of easy to moderate hiking, with an occasional steep climb or scramble over rough terrain.


Swimming is offered at Our Place Summercamp in the context of natural and cultural history investigations, for the purposes of cooling off, accessing information or experiencing an educational subject. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure their child can swim, for no instruction is provided, or to tell the Camp Director their child is not trained to swim. Campers are not compelled to swim if they, or their parent/guardian, prefer not to; and non-swimmers are provided with interesting activities while their peers swim.


Riverwalking puts campers into direct contact with the dynamic biophysical vitalities that are our Connecticut and Westfield rivers and is an essential Our Place activity. It is a fun exercise, and the best way to learn about river ecology. (See “biocitizen.org/the-importance-of-river-walking” for a full description.) Teachers are trained, and know appropriate, and safe, places to go riverwalking. A lifeguard certified in river rescue is always downriver, ready to receive and floaters. Campers use sturdy walking sticks they have found during our treks, which greatly increases their balance while in motion. Those who can’t swim must wear lifejackets.
Walking in a river includes slipping on the substrate and being carried a bit by the flow; in fact, knowing how to go with the flow is a key element of successful riverwalking. We teach campers how to respond to slipping and having to float a bit in an exercise called tubeless-tubing.

Additional Note:

  • You have the right to request information about our written policies, including: discipline, background checks, health care, and grievance procedure.