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Biocitizen Welcomes Brigid Ryan, Westfield River Fishways public education assistant!

Biocitizen is pleased to welcome Brigid Ryan onto the staff as our Westfield River Fishways public education assistant! Brigid is a recent graduate of UMass School of Natural Sciences (congratulations!) and a Now Voyager who surfed the waves at Punta de Lobos, explored the green canyons of the midlands and then climbed the Andes in Chile…

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Re Presenting Nonotuck poster

Re-Presenting Nonotuck


Biocitizen Corps

The Biocitizen Corps is modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps and Scouts gets students engaged in long term biocultural conservation and restoration projects introduces students to the multiple perspectives and activities of biocultural conservationists prepares students to be future environmental leaders a way of building community, long-term

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American Eels

We’ll try. As waters warm, what our northern neighbors plan should be considered. From the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment: **1. Focus on hydropower dams that are being relicensed, especially those near the coast Hydropower dams are relicensed for 30-50 years, so in our lifetimes, we may get one chance to allow…


How do spring peepers know when to start singing?

How do spring peepers know when to start singing? They don’t have weather reports, or the ability to see the buds forming on trees, the snow melting, or teens walking around in shorts and T’s when it’s 40 degrees and climbing.How do spring peepers know when to start singing? Certainly, there are scientific reasons that…

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