Biocitizen Programs

Summer 2017: Our Place Summer School Scholarship Program—click for application details
Summer 2017: Our Place Summer School—Adventure Learning in the Nonotuck Biome
Summer 2017: Claws—Adventure Learning in the Presidential Range, White Mountains (Fully enrolled)
Summer 2017: Our Place CIT Program (Fully enrolled)
Summer 2017: Field Environmental Philosophy Teacher Training
Winter 2018: Now Voyager—Adventure Learning in Chile

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Emilio Garcia DLH Sutil is a world class surf instructor who operates SuperFun and directs Biocitizen School in Chile. While his students never get near waves this big, Emilio lives to ride them. He will be teaching Now Voyager in January 2018.

What is “Field Environmental Philosophy”?

Field: This word comes from ecology, and the term “field study.” It is based on the distinction between research done indoors, in the lab, and research done outdoors, in the field. Environmental: “environment” means that which encloses. Philosophy: means love (philo) of wisdom (sophy). Field Environmental Philosophy (FEP) is a pedagogy that takes students outdoors…

Now Voyager 2018

Now Voyager is the most amazing Field Environmental Philosophy study-abroad program in the world— This year we’ll be in the field for 3 weeks from January 2 to 21st—starting in Valpariaso, a gritty Pacific coast city known for its graffiti, poetry and food, then we’ll head south to surf paradise Pichilemu, and from there head…

Meet David Gloman, Biocitizen board member

Our little school of field environmental philosophy just grew another inch with the addition of David Gloman to the board. Dave is a renowned pleine aire landscape painter who, at any given moment, can be found somewhere in Nonotuck transferring the beauty he perceives through his brush, with his colors, onto the canvas.   Aesthetics—the…

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